Nt scenarios.   when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer just over two years ago, i just like you looked at the internet as i wanted to find out all i could about my condition. But just a word of caution, i found there was a lot of misleading information out there and its so easy to make ourselves feel worse by ready some of the things on there. order viagra Just like reading a medical dictionary, we can imagine we have all sorst of illnesses. One thing i found helped me while waiting was to try and keep myself as busy as possible and sometimes went to visit friends or family to take my mind off of it. viagra versus viagra which is better Luckily like you i class myself as a very positive person and i also hope i have a good sense of humour, both of which helped. I can promise you once you know what you have to deal with, you will feel better even if it is bad news which i hope its not. viagra opera commercial youtube At the moment you feel you life is in limbo and you cant plan anything. viagra daily long So anytime you feel low or just want to talk, please dont hesitate to come back on here and we will try to help. viagra canada online You are not in this on your own. Best wishes for tuesday, kind reagrds, brian report this message hope59 7 posts since 18-sep-2012 currently being moderated 3. 08-oct-2012 18:43 in response to: littlebig re: not quite diagnosed yet :/ good luck for tomorrow. X report this message racehorse 6 posts since 03-sep-2012 currently being moderated 4. 08-oct-2012 19:59 in response to: woodworm re: not quite diagnosed yet :/ hi brian. viagra generic You are so right about looking up symptoms and different things. buy viagra without prescription L'm waiting for results on a recurrance of breast cancer afterfive years clear. And so far l have liver cancer bone cancer and bone cancer and maybe a cancer on my brain. Writeing it down to you has just made me laugh but the mind does play terrible things with you and it is worse at night. Best wishes vicky report this message woodworm 336 posts since 25-may-2012 currently being moderated 5. 08-oct-2012 21:11 in response to: racehorse re: not quite diagnosed yet :/ hi racehorse, at last something i said has made someone laugh. viagra canada     i hope when you get your results they turn out to be good. viagra vision blue tint   best wishes to you, regards brian  report this message littlebig 2 posts since 05-oct-2012 currently being moderated 6. 08-oct-2012 23:29 in response to: littlebig re: not quite diagnosed yet :/ the big day tomorrow, i will find out for sure what is what. buy generic viagra   i will come on here a.